About Us

Bisbane Miniature Enthusiasts Association Inc.

Welcome to the Brisbane Miniature Enthusiasts’ Association Inc. (BMEA)

The Brisbane Miniature Enthusiasts’ Association Inc. is a non-profit group of people of all ages and backgrounds.
We share many interests within the wonderful world of miniatures.
Our beginnings began with those interested in scale doll house building, dolls and their settings
and all manner of related art and craft that goes with this hobby.
As time passes, we are embracing many other forms of miniatures such as scale model building, dioramas and more.

We have been gathering together as a club for 40 years with the focus being to support each
other in our miniature related passions and to promote this wonderful hobby.

It is incredible how many different mediums and techniques contribute to making
miniatures and the artist/hobbyist is only limited by their imagination. So many other hobbies
can be incorporated into our creations, such as woodwork, sewing and needlework,
paper-crafts, furniture making, papier mache, resin, electronics, to name just a few.

Many miniaturists enjoy the challenge of creating something that is as realistic as
possible in a tiny scale and others enjoy creating something completely fantastical!
The world of miniatures can take you anywhere. Visit a dollhouse, got to the fair,
explore a dragons lair or a medieval castle. The universe is your oyster when it
comes to miniatures and only you can decide where you want to go.

The BMEA meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 9.00am to 2pm
at the Girl Guides Hut, Teralba Park, 120 Pullen Road, Everton Park.

If you are interested in finding out more
about the club please contact us

All welcome..... bring a friend.